How Much Should Freelance Writers be Paid?

 by Renée J. Lukas Please forgive me, but I have to go on a little rant this morning. Usually, I can laugh off these things. But today, my hair caught fire reading a job board, so I have to share! As creative writers, our passion projects are often not our bread-and-butter until we get a [...]

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Is Your Inciting Incident Good Enough?

 by Renée J. Lukas In Screenwriting 101, you learn about the inciting incident, hopefully occurring in the first act of your screenplay. This is the moment where the protagonist can never return to who she was before. Something has changed the protagonist forever. You can’t underestimate the importance of the inciting incident. If you do, [...]

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5 Writing Tips I Wish I’d Ignored

 by Renée J. Lukas There seems to be no shortage of advice for writers these days. And isn’t that funny? It seems no other profession prompts such a deluge of advice. Can you imagine similar articles for cardiologists? “How You’re Operating on the Aorta All Wrong!” Everyone claims to be a guru who can help [...]

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Should You Write a Novel or a Screenplay?

How to Decide What Medium Best Suits Your Story by Renée J. Lukas It seems like such a basic question. Once you have a killer story idea, what medium do you use to tell it? Some writers are lucky. They know exactly what type of writer they want to be, and the choice is clear. [...]

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