Renee J. Lukas

Novelist. Screenwriter. Consultant.

Thanks for stopping by! I realize you have a choice of websites, as well as airlines, so thanks for going on a little trip with me. I’m a writer and editor, author of two books and a screenwriting instructor. The Comfortable Shoe Diaries, my debut novel, which is available at Bella Books and Amazon, is a comedy that pokes fun at lesbians, relationships, and how online dating may or may not ruin your life. Hurricane Days, my second book, also from Bella, is about a wicked conservative GOP candidate with a really, really big skeleton in her closet. It’s available now.

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Southern Girl is now available to order!

THIS JUST IN: The Lambda Literary website has given Hurricane Days an amazing review! “Masterfully written …keeps you on the edge of your seat until the last few pages.”