Renee J. Lukas

Novelist. Screenwriter. Consultant.

Thanks for stopping by! I realize you have a choice of websites, as well as airlines, so thanks for going on a little trip with me. I’m a writer and editor, author of three books and a screenwriting instructor. The Comfortable Shoe Diaries, my debut novel, which is available at Bella Books and Amazon, is a comedy that pokes fun at lesbians, relationships, and how online dating may or may not ruin your life. Hurricane Days, my second book, also from Bella, is about a wicked conservative GOP candidate with a really, really big skeleton in her closet. Southern Girl, my latest, is a coming-of-age tale that will surprise and even shock you. 

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Southern Girl is now available to order!

THIS JUST IN: The Lambda Literary website has given Hurricane Days an amazing review! “Masterfully written …keeps you on the edge of your seat until the last few pages.”

Rainbow Book Reviews highly recommends Southern Girl: “There’s a smooth flow to this book, as well as excellent story-crafting that had me gripped and reading it through in only two sittings.”